Dear wandering fellow,

Do you care for adventures, peoples, and cultures of the world? I can vividly picture myself, around the age of four, taking my baby goats to graze in the fields. I recall the sky and the balloon story that made me say: “I will fly it one day.” I started “Capitalizing on Cultures” long before I got a degree in the field. So, I became an Iranian officer, a pilot, a navigator, and a Marco Polo of my time. As an officer, I accomplished many appointed duties, as do the officers of other countries.

Mine included being a liaison and taking part in three wars.

This was followed by becoming a rebel, a fugitive, a refugee, and a researcher, traveling from the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Sea to the Atlantic and Pacific. I masqueraded Afghanistan of the Taliban and continue searching for myself and my roots that can be in Central Asia, in Moscow, or in the Andes. Now I look for me in the exceptional prairies of Canada. Join me and support me in my trips if you are into adventures.

Vivamus purus neque

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